In the past, our understanding of education largely revolved around sitting in a classroom for hours while listening to and memorizing what the teacher was saying. However, that perception has changed – significantly. At the start of the 21st century, the government of the United Kingdom began challenging the traditional model of education and developing …

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Arizona is often touted as the state with the harshest DUI penalties. Arizona takes DUIs seriously, but its hold at the top spot is being challenged as some states impose stricter and harsher DUI penalties. Jail Time DUI in Arizona won’t just cost you a few days attending traffic school and watching victim impact videos …

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Seeing your kid study hard makes you happy. When they reach the point where they will transition to senior school, you can’t help but be even more proud. You will surely feel happy and anxious at the same time. Happy, because they are closer to reaching their dreams. Anxious, because you are worried about how …

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Enrolling your kids in a reputable early childhood school in Metford gives them the drive they need to grow into great scholars. It might come as a surprise, but great scholars aren’t born but are made by regular training. Great scholars are passionate about learning and go to great lengths to quench their thirst for …

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Let’s admit it: one of the most challenging things that we can learn as students is math. That’s why as a parent, it’s up to us to help our child excel in this subject and help them get the best grades as possible. But how can we do that, especially when it comes to GCSE? …

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4 Ways To Help Your Child Ace Math Tests

Let’s admit it: one of the most challenging things that we can learn as students is math. That’s why as a parent, it’s up to us to help our child excel in this subject and help them get the best grades as possible. But how can we do that, especially when it comes to GCSE?

The Biggest Benefits of Online Learning

If you ever dreamed of something more, like going for a paralegal certificate in NYC, the chances are good that you’re mostly being held back by the lack of time to get classes at a university or community college. That’s actually pretty understandable given how hectic and stressful life can be in the Big Apple.

Conservative Children Unsafe in American Schools

Conservative thought is not allowed in most American schools. While liberal ideals are left to flourish and even encouraged, conservative views are shut down and even considered dangerous. Silencing and Suspension In Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona, conservative students were disciplined and even suspended for airing their conservative views and supporting President Trump. In

Driving a Truck: Opportunities, Regulations, and Job Qualifications

There is both a shortage of qualified truck drivers and a demand for new ones. The resulting pressure is only expected to worsen in the coming years. The good thing for drivers with commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), however, is that their earning potential is expected to increase significantly. Prospective drivers can explore the available CDL

Being a Good Parent: How Do You Find a Good School to Enroll Your Kids?

As soon as it’s time to have your little ones get educated, one of the biggest worries of every parent is finding a school that will assist them with their growth and development. This is a challenging task for them since early education can influence the success of their child in the future. To guide

21st Century Education: Redesigning Your Classroom for Effective Learning

Education has significantly evolved in the past years. Any smart educator knows that the 4 C’s of learning in the 21st century has a lot to do with it. Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity should all be incorporated into every aspect of their educational strategy. One of the best places for that is the

Ways to Manage the Stress Related to College Applications

You may have all the qualifications and extra-curricular activities you need to have a great shot at your dream university, but come application time, it seems like all the confidence is drained out of you. It makes sense when you think about everything riding on that acceptance letter you will spend months waiting for. It’s

5 Changes You Should Make to Become a Better Salesman

The sales field is highly dynamic and competitive. Changes keep popping up now and then. Old sales tactics stop working; new tactics come up. Before you know it, similar products are released, and the competition begins to stay afloat. Therefore, to remain relevant as a salesperson, you need to keep making changes to become better.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a High School for Your Teenager

If you are choosing the right high school in Salt Lake City for your teenager, you are probably stressed out because it can make or break your kid’s chances in the future, especially if he or she is pursuing an academic track like most people who end up finishing college and getting good jobs. Notwithstanding

Questions for Those Who Want to Take the A+ Certification

Computer support specialists have a bright future ahead of them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), their job outlook from 2016 to 2026 will reach 11%, which makes it one of the fastest-growing jobs in the country. How do you break into the industry if you don’t have an IT or computer science

Why It’s a Good Idea to Enroll in an Online Degree Program

Gone are the days when having a bachelor’s degree is enough to land you a great job or career opportunity. As people grow and knowledge evolves, learning to adapt is highly important. This is true, especially for individuals who are looking to take their career to the next level. It is no surprise, therefore, to

How to Make Kids Use Tech Responsibly at Home and in School

Kids of today are more exposed to technology than most of us during our childhood, due to rapid developments and accessibility of gadgets to people of all ages nowadays. While there are a lot of benefits, it’s also fast becoming a problem for many. For many teachers and parents, traditional activities such as using creative