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caregiver with a senior patient

Career Development: How to Become a Better Home Care Giver

A home caregiver is an integral part of the health care system. The job title includes a variety of positions, such as certified nursing assistants, home health aides, and personal care aides. These professionals work to meet the needs of patients in private residences. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 4 million home

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senior citizen getting assisted

Turning Your Passion of Caring for Others Into a Career

As the world progresses, more amazing opportunities for careers are opening up. In the past, people would have to settle for a job that wasn’t their dream because it was the only option available. But nowadays, with the power of the internet and social media, as well as the easier and faster means of communication,

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Why Micromanaging Hurt Employees and What to Do to Be in Control

It is rare to know employees who love micromanagers. A boss that looms over you, criticizing your every move, is the worst boss ever. It is also demotivating. Soon, you will question whether or not your boss actually trusts you to do the right thing. Why did they hire you in the first place? Why

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DUI Law title on a book and gavel

How Arizona DUI Laws Compares to Other States

Arizona is often touted as the state with the harshest DUI penalties. Arizona takes DUIs seriously, but its hold at the top spot is being challenged as some states impose stricter and harsher DUI penalties. Jail Time DUI in Arizona won’t just cost you a few days attending traffic school and watching victim impact videos

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Truck driver using a radio

Driving a Truck: Opportunities, Regulations, and Job Qualifications

There is both a shortage of qualified truck drivers and a demand for new ones. The resulting pressure is only expected to worsen in the coming years. The good thing for drivers with commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), however, is that their earning potential is expected to increase significantly. Prospective drivers can explore the available CDL

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The Perks of Using Video Content in Corporate Training

“Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” – Richard Branson It should come as no surprise that the world’s most successful companies spend a large amount of their resources in employee training. In fact, major corporations around the world spent

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Games That Teach Life-Skills to Children of Different Age Groups

Educational games aren’t just to teach a particular subject, they should also aid in teaching children of various age groups about the world around them. An educational game that can teach both a particular subject and essential life skills is an important tool for teachers and educators. Games that are designed specifically for particular age

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How Board Games Teach Soft Skills to Children

In this age of smartphones, tablets, and awe-inspiring graphics, it’s hard to see the appeal of playing board games. Especially with teenagers, board games are now seen as archaic, cumbersome, and frankly, boring and dull. But nothing can be farther from the truth: the board game industry is actually a thriving one that’s rich with

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