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Five Ways to Improve Your Management Skills

As the owner of a small business, you wear many hats. One of the most important—and challenging—roles you play is that of manager. Managers play an important role in your business. Here are some ways a good manager can affect your business: Productivity Managers are the forerunners of good team communication and organization. They ensure

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Careers That Will Allow You to Better Help Sick People

When you care for the sick, you are not only helping them to recover physically but also emotionally. The simple act of being there for someone who is ill can make a world of difference. Caring for the sick also helps to build stronger relationships. Taking the time to care for someone else shows that

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The Five Essentials in Getting Your Dream Job

So, you’ve graduated college and are ready to take on the working world. Congratulations! The next step is actually to land your dream job. But with so many qualified candidates out there, how can you ensure you’re the one who gets the offer? By following these five essential tips, that’s how! Do Higher Education Many

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employee development

The Role of Upskilling in Promoting Employee Development

Business leaders understand that staff turnover can be expensive and time-consuming. When companies invest in employees, they’re investing more than just money but also in recruitment, onboarding, and development. That’s why when an employee leaves, the company loses not just the person itself but also their investment and the valuable skills the employee possesses to

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5 Health and Wellness Career Options That Pay Well

The health and wellness industry offers a lot of job opportunities. Whether you want to start coaching or provide training, you will find a career that fits your passion and interests. But before we talk about the different health and wellness career options, let us first find out what it means. Health and Wellness Explained Health

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How to Introduce Your Kids to Money

One of the most critical life skills one needs to learn at a young age is the ability to be financially literate. Growing up, most of your important life decisions will revolve around making economically wise decisions: buying a house to building a good credit score, when to or not to apply for loans, or

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hr interview

How to Ask for a Raise and Get It

People are not trained to do salary negotiations and often feel nervous about initiating the conversation. Some wait for years before asking for the raise they deserve, and others never ask for it. Instead, they wait for their managers to notice their hard work and offer them a pay increase. However, most companies will only

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Skills Gap in the Workforce: How to Resolve It

As technology develops and replaces certain types of work, the skills gap in the workforce only grows larger. With artificial intelligence and robots and automation taking over the “low-skilled” tasks, employers are struggling to find workers who can perform higher-skilled jobs, resulting in industry slumps that can easily progress further unless employers do something about

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