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Exercise Gets More Important as You Age / Exercise and Aging Well

Exercise is essential in staying fit and healthy — more so for seniors. A few minutes of exercise a week goes a long way in preserving the quality of life, in more ways than one. Health Three counties in Colorado have the highest life expectancy in the US. Colorado also has one of the lowest

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Personalized Learning: Is it Good for Your Child?

In the past, our understanding of education largely revolved around sitting in a classroom for hours while listening to and memorizing what the teacher was saying. However, that perception has changed – significantly. At the start of the 21st century, the government of the United Kingdom began challenging the traditional model of education and developing

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Crucial Skills Professionals Need to Level Up Their Career

KWMost people are content with their current job, their compensation, and the company they are working for. But some people want to achieve greater career success. They thrive whenever new challenges are thrown their way and would love to make a name for themselves in their chosen field. They have no plans on becoming obsolete,

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Things That May Stop Your Teen From Learning How to Drive

Driving is one of the typical teen’s wildest fantasies. Luckily in states like Florida, they can obtain an online learner’s permit exam at fourteen and then start learning after they’ve passed. But parents shouldn’t give in to their teen’s driving fantasies without careful consideration. Many things can happen to a teen behind the wheel, especially

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Are You Feeling Burned Out? Try These Self-care Strategies

Working hard on your self is as important as working hard for your new projects at work. Burnout is associated with overworking, which can lead you to feel anxious and stressed. Religious self-care is vital for your health and for you to become more effective and productive, not just in work but in other areas

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Why Teaching Yourself New Skills Is Invaluable

You can shower yourself with riches and buy the most expensive things, but people cannot take away one of the most important aspects of you as a person — your knowledge. That is why you should appreciate your parents or guardians for overcoming a lot of challenges just so you could graduate and earn your

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Lockdown: An Opportunity for Career Growth and Self-improvement

Many people around the world are still in quarantine, and though many seemed to welcome the time for reflection and rest, others found it even more stressful to stay at home. People who belonged to the latter group experienced more stress as work, domestic life, and even social concerns cornered them in one place: their

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Overcoming Stage Fright

Do you know that there is an ongoing debate of whether an artistic talent is by nature or by nurture? Some believe it’s the former, while some believe that talent is enhanced by years of practice. Nonetheless, a skill should be improved to its full potential. For example, you can ask your kids if they

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How To Save a Life: Emergency Preparedness

Because so many things happen unexpectedly in this life, emergency preparedness is necessary for every individual. It can save lives and prevents a lot of challenges that can potentially occur in any given situation. Emergency preparedness is a plan that families, companies, and establishments have to respond accordingly and effectively during natural calamities and man-made

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